Glengoyne Presents... Whisky Bingo!

Hosted by Glengoyne's Whisky Ambassador, Gordon Dallas - Jackson The Tailor Presents.... WHISKY BINGO! Tuesday 14th November 2023 Event Starts: 6:30pm Eyes Down, Glasses Up: 7:00pm Get ready for a unique whisky experience from the master distillers at Glengoyne. Your experience will include: - Welcome Whisky Hi-Ball with Glengoyne 12 - Dram of Glengoyne 10 - Dram of Glengoyne 15 - Dram of Glengoyne Cask Strength - And finally... A surprise dram, only available at Jackson The Tailor, and not to be revealed until the event! Haggis, black pudding & white pudding bon bons will be served at the event - the best bites to compliment a wee dram! Whisky Bingo is a Whisky Tasting like no other... Interactive, entertaining, and not to be missed!

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